Welcome to the City of Santa Monica Finance Department

The mission of the Finance Department is to provide sound business, financial and risk management support to internal and external customers, ensuring continuation of public services to the residents, visitors and businesses of Santa Monica through the protection of financial resources.

Santa Monica's geographic location and its diversified tax revenue base allows the local economy to weather fluctuations with minimal impact, protecting the City from downturns that impact one or a limited number of sectors of the economy.  The City continues its long history of adopting balanced budgets and maintains healthy reserves to protect itself from shock losses.  Prudent financial management has earned the City a AAA bond rating since 1995, and clean audits for over 30 years. 


Council approves $45M payment towards unfunded liability

Learn about Santa Monica retirement costs in the Pension Overview and read the Report to Council.

Sales Tax Rate

Santa Monica’s sales tax rate is 10.25%.  The Sales Tax page shows more detail.

Paid Sick Leave Changes

The paid sick leave requirements in Santa Monica's minimum wage law increased for all businesses January 1, 2018.  New hours and more information are at smgov.net/minimumwage.

Minimum Wage Rules and Regulations

The City has approved and posted rules and regulations for Santa Monica's minimum wage law, available for review/ download at smgov.net/minimumwage.

Council Adopted FY 2017-19 Budget

Click here for the City's FY 2017-19 Adopted Biennial Budget, which Council adopted at the budget hearing on June 27, 2017.  Read the associated staff report to Council.

Commercial Cannabis Business Licensing Update

The City currently allows for Medicinal Cannabis Retail and Light Manufacturing operations. Other forms of medicinal cannabis commercial activities are currently not allowed. Click here for more information.


Santa Monica is committed to transparent financial management.  View the City's credit ratings, recent financial status updates, and additional financial data.