Santa Monica Credit Rating

  • Standard and Poor's     AAA
  • Fitch     Aaa
  • Moody's     Aaa

Detailed table and reports

Understanding Pension Costs

  • What is unfunded liability?
  • How much is in the City's budget?    
  • Will the City be able to pay for this?

Click through the Pension Overview to learn more about Santa Monica's employee retirement costs.

Audit Subcommittee

City Council created an Audit Subcommittee in July 2015.  On the Audit Subcommittee website, you can find members, agendas, and presentations.

Forecasts and Reports

Staff presents City Council with an update of Santa Monica's financial condition every six months. These forecasts present the longer term impact of the City's current expenses, and show estimates of best and worst case scenarios, highlighting policy changes, economic trends, and other circumstances that could impact City resources.  

View the most recent estimates below:

January 2019 - Ten-year Financial Forecast