Street Performer Permit

The City of Santa Monica finds that the existence of street performers in the City provides a public amenity that enhances the character of the City and seeks to encourage such performances in a manner consistent with the overall public interest. Cognizant that street performers are engaged in First Amendment activities, the Santa Monica Municipal Code imposes reasonable time, place, and manner restrictions on street performers to the extent necessary to ensure the safety of performers, their audience, local businesses and the general public.

A performer's permit is required when performing on the Third Street Promenade, the Pier and the Transit Mall unless the performance occurs prior to twelve noon on non-holiday Mondays through Fridays.

What you will need to apply

In order to obtain a performer permit, the following must be submitted to the Business License unit:

  • Completed Performer's Permit Application
  • Two identical passport-type photographs (approximately 2 inches square) clearly showing your face with no hat or sunglasses
  • Current photo ID such as a driver's license or state ID card, passport, or student ID
  • Payment in the amount of $37.00
  • California Entertainment work permit for performing minors under the age of 16. Information on how to obtain a California Entertainment Work Permit can be found on the California Film Commission website.

How to obtain your permit

  • Each performer must obtain an individual performance permit.
  • Performer permits are not transferable and you cannot apply for, pick up, or use another performer's permit.
  • Permits are processed within 3-business days.
  • When picking up your permit, please bring your valid photo ID.

Important Information & Forms