Unlicensed Business Program

The City of Santa Monica requires all businesses operating within the City limits, including property owners and independent contractors, to obtain a business license and to pay business license tax. This requirement also ensures that businesses operating in the City of Santa Monica comply with local, state, and federal regulations.

Through the sharing of data, predominately the Franchise Tax Board, the City identifies business entities and sole proprietors that may be operating without a business license and notifies them of the requirement to file.

What to do

If you received a notice to file for a business license, you will need to respond no later than the deadline provided on the notice. There are two possible responses:

Response A

If you are, or have been, operating within the City's limits, you are required to comply with the business license program. To ensure a seamless transition into full and compliant operations with the City of Santa Monica's municipal code, please apply for a business license.

APPLY for a new business license

Response B

If you believe that you have received the notice in error, please download and complete the Request for Business License Tax Review and return it to the Business License Office.