Business Improvement District Information

Business Improvement District (BID) fees are assessed in certain areas of Santa Monica in the manner and amounts mentioned in each of the following sections and are determined by the location of your business. Please find the area pertaining to your business location and use this guide to calculate your annual BID fee.

For additional information related to Business Improvement Districts and Areas, visit the City's Economic Development website.

Map of Business Improvement Districts

Downtown Santa Monica (Operations and Maintenance) Assessment

Boundaries are the centerline of the following streets: Wilshire Blvd. on the North, 4th Court on the East, Broadway on the South and 1st Court on the West.

Fee Detail:

The Fee is equal to the lesser of one (1) times the annual business license tax or a square footage formula of $0.21 x square footage x 12 (non-retail businesses may use the square footage formula). The maximum payment is $36,425.90 for the fiscal year 2022-23. Both the square footage and the maximum payment will increase by CPI each year. The fee is paid concurrently with the business license tax.

Exceptions include: None.

Map of Downtown Santa Monica Business Improvement District

Main Street

Boundaries are: Pico Blvd. on the North to the South City limits. Ocean Park Blvd., Hill Street, Ashland Avenue, Kinney Street, Pier Avenue

Fee Detail:

The annual fee for all businesses is $100.00. The only exception within the Main Street BID area is Retail. Retail businesses are assessed at 1x the business license tax with the maximum retail BID set at $2,000.00.

Exceptions include: Home based business and residential property owners are exempt.

Map of Main Street Business Improvement District

Montana Avenue

Boundaries are: Montana Ave from the centerline of 6th Court to the Centerline of 17th Street.

Fee Detail:

The annual fee for all businesses is $80.00 . Exceptions are:

  • Retail and Recreation/Entertainment are assessed at 1x business license tax with the max BID fee set at $1,000.00.
  • The fee is $40.00 for new businesses and those reporting less than $20,000.00 gross receipts for any year on which renewal of the business license tax is based.

The fee is paid concurrently with the business license tax.

Exceptions include: Home based businesses and property owners are exempt.

Map of Montana Avenue Business Improvement District

Central Business District (Retail)

Boundaries are centerlines of Ocean Ave. to 7th Street, and the Santa Monica Freeway to 200 feet northwesterly of Wilshire Blvd.

Fee Detail:

Only retail businesses pay this assessment for the general promotion of retail trade activities in this area. The assessment is based on 1/15th of 1% of taxable sales for each six month period. Annual maximum fee is $1000.00. January to June is payable October 10th each year and July to December is payable on March 10th each year.

Exceptions include: Non-retail businesses are exempt.

Map of Central Business Improvement District

Pico Boulevard

Boundaries are properties bordering on either side of Pico Blvd. from the Pacific Ocean to the eastern most City Limits at Centinela Blvd.

Type of business fee: 1x Business License Tax

  • Retail ($1000.00 max)
  • Hotels & Motels ($1000.00 max)
  • Auto-Related Retail ($500.00 max)
  • Service Station & Repair ($500.00 max)

Fee Detail:

The annual fee for non-retail businesses is $100.00, and maximums are listed above for specific activities.

Exceptions include: a $50.00 fee for new businesses & those reporting less than $20,000.00 in gross receipts for any year on which renewal of the business license tax is based. Home based business, residential property owners and businesses paying the Pico BIA are exempt.

Map of Pico Boulevard Business Improvement District

This summary is provided for your convenience only. It does not contain all of the City's regulations applicable to Santa Monica businesses. Any conflict between this summary and the municipal code shall be resolved in favor of the municipal code.