Medicinal Cannabis Light Manufacturing

The Interim Zoning Ordinance allows for light manufacturing within the current definition of “light industrial activities taking place primarily within enclosed buildings and producing minimal impacts on nearby properties,” and “the preparation, manufacturing, and/or packaging of food for off-site consumption.” Under the “Limited Industry” classification, a cannabis manufacturer is allowed to operate within the Industrial Conservation (IC) zone, or with an approved Conditional Use Permit (CUP) within the Office Campus (OC) zone. Because light manufacturing would not be open to the public for sales and would be regulated by both the State and potentially the County, neither a cap on the number of light manufactures or a selection process are proposed.

State law requires that Medicinal Cannabis Manufacturers also obtain a state license prior to operating. Please visit the Bureau of Cannabis Control website for more information.  A Medicinal Cannabis Light Manufacturer may also be required to obtain a County health permit depending on the products being produced and sold.

Medicinal Cannabis Light Manufacturing Business License and Permit Information

Medicinal Cannabis Light Manufacturing businesses must apply for a business license and applicable permits. The following table summarizes the general business license tax, fees and assessments for new applicants. Depending on the business activity and location, additional fees and assessments may apply.

2020-21 Summary for New Applicants Cost

Fee/Tax Name

Fee/Tax Amount

Conditional Use Permit


Light Manufacturing Permit Application


Business License Planning Review Fee


Business License Minimum Tax (if operating as a for profit business)


State Mandated CASp Fee


Forms  &  Additional Information

Medicinal Cannabis Light Manufacturing Business License Application Packet

Santa Monica Cannabis Ordinance

Santa Monica Cannabis Rules & Regulations 

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