Parking Facilities Tax

Santa Monica's parking facility tax rate is 10% of the total parking fee charged by the operator for use of the parking facility.  The operator or person receiving payment for use of a parking facility collects the amount from the person paying the parking fee.

Payment dates

Reports and tax remittances are due to the City on or before the 25th day following the end of each reporting quarter, and must cover the reporting quarter just ended. The reporting quarters are:

  • Dec. 1-Feb. 28 or 29
  • March 1-May 31
  • June 1-Aug 31
  • Sept. 1-Nov. 30

Payment options

You can pay by mail or electronic transfer.


  • Check payable to:  City of Santa Monica
  • Mail to: Treasury, PO Box 2200, Santa Monica, CA 90407

Electronic funds transfer (EFT):  Please contact the Treasury Section.  

Delinquent payments

Reports and tax remittances are delinquent if not paid on or before the due date.  The City will assess a 10% penalty per month on delinquent payments.  In addition to penalties, the City may also assess interest charges.

Forms and reference

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