Budget Task Force

Introduction & Overview

The Budget Task Force, comprised of eight community members and seven members from the city workforce, will advise the City Manager on options and priorities for addressing the City's projected budget shortfalls over the coming six years. The City Manager appointed each Budget Task Force Member.

Goals for the Budget Task Force Include:

  • Ensure City can continue to provide excellent service and safety to the community.
  • Help the City maintain fiscal balance in a changing economy.
  • Recommend a budget reduction plan that allows the City to eliminate the threat of unfunded pension liability through an accelerated 13-year pay-down of our unfunded pension liability, currently estimated at $448 million and save the City $106 million over 30 years.

After receiving an overview of the City’s budgetary framework, constraints and proposed budget efficiency/reduction measures, the Budget Task Force will evaluate ideas generated by City Departments and make recommendations for:

  • Fiscal Year 2020-2021: $1.5 million in budget reductions
  • Fiscal Years 2021-2025: A minimum of $2.5 million in reductions

Key Dates

Budget Task Force meetings are open to the public, and will be held at the dates and times shown below.  We will post the agendas and materials 72 hours in advance of each meeting, consistent with the Brown Act.

Unless otherwise noted, all meetings will take place at the Santa Monica Institute (SMI) meeting room at 6:00pm.  Detailed directions to the SMI Meeting room and other locations are below the table.

November 4, 2019

Introduction & Citywide Budget Overview

Meeting Packet

  • Agenda
  • Citywide Budget Overview
  • FY 2019-21 Budget Summary
  • City Manager Budget Message
  • Framework Overview
  • FY 2019-21 Budget Efficiences

November 4, 2019 Minutes

November 4, 2019 Audio

November 18, 2019

City Wi-fi

Explorer Program

Meeting Packet

  • Agenda
  • 11/04/19 Minutes
  • City Wi-fi
  • Police Explorer Program

November 18, 2019 Minutes

November 18, 2019 Audio

December 2, 2019

Waived Application Fees

Downtown Parking Structure Grace Period

Meeting Packet

  • Agenda
  • 11/18/19 Minutes
  • Fee Waivers
  • Downtown Parking Grace Period
  • Long-Term Proposal List

December 2, 2019 Minutes

December 2, 2019 Audio

January 13, 2020

(Ken Edwards Center)


January 27, 2020

Farmers' Market

Naming Rights/ Sponsorships

Meeting Packet

  • Agenda
  • 12/02/19 Minutes
  • Farmers' Market
  • Naming Rights/ Sponsorships
  • Communication from the Public-Farmers' Market

January 27, 2020 Minutes

January 27 Audio

February 3, 2020

Resourcing for City Events

Paramedic Assesment Fee

Meeting Packet

  • Agenda
  • 01/27/20 Minutes
  • Resourcing for City Events
  • Paramedic Assesment Fee

February 3, 2020 Minutes

February 24, 2020

Decision Making & Wrap Up

Meeting Packet

  • Agenda
  • 02/03/20 Minutes
  • Overview of Proposals and Previous Motions
  • Progress Toward $1.5 Million Target
  • Revisions to Previous Motions
  • Transmittal of Motions to the City Manager

February 24, 2020 Minutes

PLEASE NOTEMeeting topic dates may shift, please refer to this page for the most up to date information.

Meeting Locations

Santa Monica Institute (SMI) Meeting Room

Santa Monica Civic Center Parking Structure

330 Olympic Drive 

Santa Monica, CA 90404

Map | Building View

Meetings:  11/04, 11/18, 12/2, 1/27, 2/3, 2/24

Budget Task Force Members


  • Judy Abdo, former Mayor            
  • George Brown, retired attorney
  • Janine Bush, business and human resources consultant
  • Laurence Eubank, neighborhood leader
  • Ina Godoy, Assoc. Dir. of Finance & Business at UCLA      
  • Dominic Gomez, retired telecommunications CEO           
  • K. John Lee, former CPA, now green building contractor 
  • Kimberly Ong, managing engineer for Purple Line at Metro


  • Brandi Lockhart, HED     
  • Dominick Bei, Fire           
  • David Nanjo, BBB
  • Jeremy Peterson, CMO
  • Concepcion Rechtszajd, CCS
  • Matt Rice, Police
  • Phillip Ticun, Public Works

City Staff Liaison


  • Brian Mondragon


Budget Proposal Full Lists:  Short-Medium Term Ideas  |  Long-Term Ideas

Ten-year Forecast (January 22, 2019) | Staff Report |  Video

City Council Budget Strategy Retreat (January 26, 2019) | Staff ReportVideoPress Release

Strategic Budget Direction (April 30, 2019) | Staff ReportVideo

Budget Study Session (June 5, 2019) | Staff ReportVideo

Budget Adoption (June 25, 2019) | Staff ReportVideo